No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Carb Craze

Posted in Fooooooooooood! by noceleryplease on January 19, 2013

Today I went to a “cake party”. It was for a friend who just broke up with her fiancé.

I had cake.

Actually not a completely ridiculous amount, considering that it WAS a cake party.

The problem isn’t what I ate at the party…

The problem is that most of the cakes were made of sugar… And flour… And otherwise full on carb.

So while I should have been completely sated by what I ate… Instead I got home and the glucose / insulin spike had me with a serious case of the munchies.

Or it could easily have been an emotional response.

Either way… Binge = Triggered.

In the grand scheme of things… Not a terrible one… Cheese, some pepperoni, some asparagus with pimento cheese melted on it, a few more brownies I brought home from the party… With Greek yogurt.

I stopped after that… Probably because all those item were lower carb and filling.

Or, again, that might all be in my head.

Either way… If I had to guess I would say I might have had 4000 calories?

That’s a bit much for one day.

Ah well… Not like this happens a lot. Mostly I keep it on the rails. But when I go off ’em… Baby, I go!


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  1. Bob said,

    We all do this so dont beat yourself up. Was it good? 🙂

    • The cake? Oh yeah!

      • Bob said,

        Good! You are disciplined enough with diet and exercise that you can get away with that once or twice a week! 🙂

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