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Yay Tax returns!!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 25, 2013

I know that some people call paying too much in taxes “letting the government borrow your money for free” or “stupid” or whatever.

I call it “Sneaky Ninja Savings”.

I only claim one exemption on my taxes.  But we get two – because we are married, filing jointly, and the SB is my dependent.

That means every paycheck puts a little bit extra in the “taxes paid” bucket than I need.

Now, we are not one of those couples that files and deducts and gets credits, etc. and ends up with 4 or 5 thousand dollars coming back.

But… each year we end up with a nice little refund and half goes to savings and the other half gets split between the SB and I as “fun money”…  to spend frivolously on whatever we see fit!

For the SB, that means more cash in his “lunch out” stash, because he has almost no greater joy in life than having people cook him cheeseburgers and bring him sandwiches and beer and then leaving behind ridiculously large tips for those who provide him with this happiness.

For me, at least this year – this means….  GEAR!

I am really REALLY digging this whole MMA fighting thing.

I have done it enough to think that I am definitely going to stick with it, at least long enough to want to get my own stuff to go along with it.

That means a Gi, new boxing gloves, hand wraps, head gear.

Not that I couldn’t buy that stuff anyway, but I would have to account for it in the normal budgeting process.  This is just FREE CASHY MONEY that will be frittered away on better quality gear than I would probably allow myself without the refund.

So… new purple and black MMA gear coming my way – yay!



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  1. Sun Enge said,

    Whenever anyone complains that I’m “lending my money to the government for free”, I tell them that it is my patriotic duty as an American. They never have anything to say after that.

  2. Ron said,

    And here all I do with my tax return is buy porn… maybe I should get some sports gear too.

  3. Al said,

    I spend it before the Government can get its greedy paws on it. My last will and testament will read “I spent every penny I could get my hands on”.

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