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Petty People Make Me Sigh

Posted in Just... Life,MMA,Navel Gazing by noceleryplease on February 1, 2013

I believe I have mentioned the awesome that is my new workout love… MMA Fight Training.

I am very happy with the gym –

The coaching / owner and his wife are great people.  The girls in the classes are all great and supportive.  The training is tough, but not crazy-town. I am enjoying it immensely.

But some people, they cannot be happy when other people are enjoying something.

So on Tuesday, a friend of mine who had bought the same groupon I did came to the class for the first time.  And she brought a friend of hers along.

The “friend of hers” trains Jiu Jitsu at a facility about 15 mins further down the highway than where I am going.

When I saw her, I thought it was odd, as she’s pretty dedicated to that school of hers.

By the end of the class, I realized, that she was there to spy on the new place.  What’s up with that?

So she came to one class, then went on the groupon site and trashed it in the review section.

Ugh – people!  Why do they feel the need to do this?

Her school and this one are totally different.

This one is a) all female, b) MMA, not just Jiu Jitsu, and C) in a different geographic location, pulling a different type of student.

The coach makes no claims to being a super kung fu master.  This is “Beginner up to intermediate” training.  Not “you’ll be a bad-ass black belt in a year” stuff.

But this chick, yeah, I could have figured her for it… and whatever… what is it the hip kids say today? “Haters gonna hate”…

It makes me a little sad, though, that the other lady, who is supposed to be my friend, decided to go along with it.  Her husband trains at the same school… and when she bought the Groupon, he convinced her to start taking classes with him instead, which, hey, no skin off my nose…  but to then decide that you need to come up and see what other people are doing and trash it because it’s not what you are doing?  Not cool.

Anyway – it’s not like the negative review in the SEA of positive ones is really that big a deal… and this lady is not like my BESTIE or anything.

It’s just minorly annoying that people feel the need to be so petty when there’s NO NEED.


Poopheads 🙂



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  1. rennratt said,

    A good friend of mine has been training in Martial Arts (various groups; she moved a lot for her job) for years. This past spring, she opted to open her own, unaffiliated studio, in order to stay closer to home and work with women. She focuses on gun safety training, self defense for women – and anti-bullying tactics for kids. (This actually relates to her former job.)

    She has been stalked by her former trainer AND bullied by former training partners. Sadly, this sort of thing seems to be common these days. “If you’re not with me, following me, you are my ENEMY”.

    It’s scary – and SAD.

    I hope that you continue to have an awesome time at the studio – and make great friends there.

    • I used to think this kind of stupid bs drama was a derby thing. But it appears to be around all over the damn place. Sad.

  2. Ron said,

    I am still constantly amazed at people that seem to go out of there way to find something/someone to hate on.

  3. Sun Enge said,

    I think I would confront said ‘friend’ and see what her stammering excuse was, then tell her to lose my phone #. 😉

    • I think I’ll be giving the whole crew the opportunity to not say even one more word on the subject… but that’s it…

  4. Deborah said,

    Petty, yep. Sigh, yes.

  5. tiff said,

    And this is why it’s hard to be trusting. :\

  6. Al said,

    Peace on her, that’s what I say.

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