No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Health,MMA by noceleryplease on March 13, 2013

Just barely, but I am definitely in the category of what you would call “better”.

Knocking furiously on wood.

Lord, I blame all this on the drinking.  NEVER AGAIN!  I am strictly a cake-a-holic from hereon out.

I know a lot of people SAY “never again”…  but since it’s been over a decade since the last episode, I think I am probably relatively safe in thinking I can swear off altogether.

(barring the occasional SINGLE pear cider or eggnog or whatnot).

In other news, the MMA stuff is going SWIMMINGLY.  I still love it.

I have used up all my “Groupon” visist and am paying monthly.

I bought a spare Gi (much cheaper than my “official” team one) for practice.

I will be buying some head gear and shin guards very soon.  Can’t wait to step up my game once we are moved into the new gym!!

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  1. Ron said,

    Cool! The best news of all is after a bit more practice you will be able to hire yourself out as security to all the stars… then you can be protecting Jessica Alba and be like, “Oh hey here’s an old friend of mine Ron, he’s a great guy…..”

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