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Costuming… It’s Hard!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Sci Fi / Fantasy / Gaming by noceleryplease on April 7, 2013

I believe I mentioned that I am making my own costumes for Dragon*Con this year.

Of course, by “making”, it’s more along the lines of decorating some prom dresses I found at Goodwill.

But – my word! This is sure giving me an appreciation of what people who actually make their own costumes do.

So far, I’ve applied beads to a LOT of hem, and today beaded an applique.


I could have bought an applique for $9 ($18 for 2)… but instead, I spent 3.5 hours today putting my own beads on a flame pattern.

If I think about my actual hourly rate for “work”… I would have certainly come out cheaper buying it. But… I am committed to my plan.  I AM making my costumes this year – as much as I possibly can, at any rate.

I think another couple of weekends might even see me at a point I could take a picture of it for bloggy purposes 🙂

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  1. Ron said,

    Woo Hoo!!! Pictures!! Last time I tried to make a dress I failed miserably.

  2. Sun said,

    Not that you didn’t before, but now you really have an idea why we artists get so POed when someone tries to claim our work isn’t ‘worth what we charge’. 😉

    • I know – this stuff takes HOURS!!!

    • Sun said,

      Can’t wait to see what you’re going as this year!

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