No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Gloom… and Also… Doom

Posted in Health,MMA by noceleryplease on April 17, 2013

Right now I feel like everything I ever enjoy doing is going to be stolen from me by this stupid knee.

I know it’s not true…  but right now I am wallowing.

I liked Derby…  It hurt my knee.

I like Jiu Jitsu…  it hurt my knee.

OK, I guess I do like the boxing as well, and it does not hurt my knee.  But it’s not as good as the Jiu Jitsu.

Do not pay too much attention to this.  I am just being mopey.

I can still WALK, for pete’s sake.   Lot’s of people don’t even have that.


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  1. Ron said,

    If thy knee offends thee, cut it off… well then you lose the leg… hmmm… guess leave it alone.

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