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Lucky Ducky

Posted in Just... Life,Navel Gazing by noceleryplease on April 18, 2013

I do go through bouts of depression.  (See = yesterday).

But I am so lucky that they tend to be short lived and relatively mild.

I know people who live their entire lives feeling the way I felt yesterday.  It’s terrible and awful and debilitating.  I do not understand how they manage.

I also don’t quite understand the reluctance to want to get better, though.  The resistance to any kind of professional help.  I guess maybe when you are feeling depressed, you also feel like you DESERVE to feel that way.

But when I am depressed, I KNOW it’s just “being depressed”…  and at some level I know I don’t want to feel that way.  But maybe it’s because I also know that there’s another way to feel, because I am not depressed ALL THE TIME.

I have no answers…  Just feel sad for those who cannot wake up after a few days and feel better…  😦




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  1. chrissie said,

    It is sad… I’m not sure if its just feeling you deserve to be depressed though, you can’t underestimate the apathy that comes with not really believing things CAN get better… I once spend an afternoon crying in bed because I was so lonely while a friend was ringing me to suggest going out – and I ignored the phone, despite knowing full well why she was calling. Also the shame that comes with admitting you can’t manage alone, which is actually one of my worst enemies.
    I’m really glad you’re feeling better today, I think your personal strength and resilience are admirable – and maybe your fondness for very explosive physical activity helps!!!!

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