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Oh Yeah… I Forgot

Posted in Crazy Obsessive Food Issues,Fooooooooooood! by noceleryplease on April 21, 2013

So last weekend I decided that I was not capable of living low carb the rest of my life, so I decided to go ahead and add them back in.

But over the last week while I did add them back, it was in the form of oats, and a few more veggies, and not much else, really.

Today I went and had pad thai. Yeah… A great big plate of refined white carbs in sugar sauce.


I forgot. I can eat about 20 pounds of starchy white carb sugary stuff like that and STILL want to keep stuffing things in my face. Bah!

I guess I’ll be overdoing it today unless I can somehow exert some willpower and stop it.

Guess I better make sure I stick to the “no white carbs” advice at least.

I have to learn lessons over and over and over. I wish the lessons did not taste so damn good.

We’ll see if I just have to go back to low carb or if I can manage with the slower digesting whole grains.

I was seriously light headed when I finished that plate of noodles, but then the cravings kicked in and I had some o the rice pudding my mom had on the stove… And tea… And then some ice cream… And a cookie at the store.

And I STILL “feel” hungry.


Oh well.



2 Responses to 'Oh Yeah… I Forgot'

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  1. Bob said,

    I did something similar friday: bag of peanut butter m and ms, entenmann cookies, and a box of Peanut butter toast crunch- bad carbs are a pain. You just need to know your limit, like mine is 250 grams a day. Don’t worry about 1 day; its the overall lifestyle that matters

  2. tiff said,

    Our brains and bodies are confusing marvelous machines, no?

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