No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Health,MMA,Surgery by noceleryplease on April 30, 2013

Well… It has now been a full week since I went to a / boxing / Jiu Jitsu class.

The pain in my knee is noticeably less.  There has been no “catching” or other acute issues.  Some end of day general pain is all.

This gives me some hope that perhaps the tear is in a “healable” area and perhaps it could get better with rehab (that means it’s torn near the outside where there is blood flow – fingers crossed!).

I am not ruling out the idea of surgery.  If I need it to be 100%, then I would like to.  I do not want to have to favor the left knee my whole life if I could just get it fixed and be better.  BUT!  I don’t want to sign up for surgery if it’s not necessary….  So there’s that.

But nothing will be known until I go get an MRI on Friday then see the Doc for the results on Tuesday.

Until then, no Jiu Jitsu.

And probably no Jiu Jitsu ever again.  But I am not TOTALLY ruling it out.  If I could rehab and then go back, maybe I would.  Sigh.  I have this need to see myself as a “badass”…  I am not sure exactly why or where it comes from.  Maybe instead of working on learning a crazy sport, I should work on accepting that I am just a normal human, not a super hero.

Anyway – that’s not really that dire.

In good karma news.  Just as I was realizing that the MMA gym is not going to be any place I am going back to…  and I was trying to find another, less “Crazy” gym to work out at (because I AM still going to need a place to work out, even if it’s a “normal” thing like a spin class…  The universe dropped a “2 month membership to Gold’s Gym for $29” into my lap. Which is RIDICULOUSLY cheap.  I wanted to try Gold’s, but it’s kinda pricy.  At this price, I can get 2 months to really dig in, see about the place, and decide.  So… as it will, sometimes the universe provides…  one door closes, another opens and all that sort of thing.

In actual fact, a place like Gold’s to “just work out” was what I was looking for when I joined the MMA place…  but then they dangled “Badassery” in my face and I jumped in with both feet, er, knees, whatever 😉   So this may be a way to transition back to where I was going before I took that detour.


PS – this is post # 700 on this blog.  How time flies!

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  1. Ron said,

    Congrats on hitting 700! Hope the issue turns out to be easily fixable and you continue on your path to badassery… that way you can protect me from bullies someday 🙂

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