No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Health,MMA,Surgery by noceleryplease on May 7, 2013

Well – in Knee news, it looks like I will be having a bit of surgery.

I have a “Bucket Handle” tear of my left knee medial meniscus.

The torn piece (like in the picture below) is kinda flopping around and getting pinched between my femur and tibia.

This = pain.


My option is to either have the torn piece trimmed off or live with the pain.

I decided that I will go the “fix pain” option.

A diagram of how they will be trimming the piece is below (OK – it’s for a right knee, but whatever).

The doctor will go in and trim out the torn bit.

Voila, no more pain.


Since I am going to London next week, I am putting the surgery off until I get back.  My Doc was almost confident that I could have the surgery this week and walk around London next week, but he did think six days was cutting it close.  So I decided I would rather go to London with the pain I know than with potential unknown pain.

Should be able to get back to regular walking, etc in just a few days after the surgery.  Doc says there’s no reason after the surgery that I should not go back to Jiu Jitsu… once the meniscus is trimmed, there’s nothing further that can be damaged related to it.  UNLESS  … I tear a new tear.

So while the Doc actually said I could easily go back to Jiu Jitsu in about three weeks, I have decided that I am going to spend some time in the weight room, making my left leg muscles stronger so I reduce the risk of a new injury.

Also – I am not 100% sure I am wanting to go back to the FFMMA gym… I like them… I LOVE the ladies I train with…  but the gym appears to be moving in a bit of a direction I am not 100% wild about.  I’m going to reserve judgement until I am back to feeling like I can go back, anyway.  Then decide on the location that I go back to.  I do miss the training already, though.

So anyway… that’s all the knee news.


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  1. Ron said,

    Have them just take a little off the top… Glad you can go back to training afterwards!

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