No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

For Tiff

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on June 6, 2013

I whinge quietly to myself about the lack of blog activity while at the same time slacking completely on maintaining my own blog.

So… thought for the day:

Coffee drinks are the most wonderful thing ever.  Sadly, it’s too warm now to do a hot coffee on the drive to work – I don’t like to be all sweaty.

BUT!  I have perfected the icy morning concoction now!

  • One “Lungo” size brew from my Nespresso dispenser of ambrosia.
  • Using the same small whiskey glass I brew the coffee into…  2 glasses of almond milk (Blue Diamond Almond Breeze… for the love of god, PLEASE do not try that “Silk” crap and think it’s indicative of what Almond Milk should taste like).
  • 8 ice cubes.
  • 3 packets of Splenda.
  • Capella flavor drops of whatever flavor I decide. (this morning was snickers and graham cracker for my “snickerdoodle pie” coffee.

Blend in my tiny blender.

Drink on the way into work.  Heaven!


8 Responses to 'For Tiff'

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  1. Ron said,

    My doctor took away coffee…. :*-(

    • I have some thoughts about whether I will allow Doctors to tell me I have to live a miserable life in order to squeeze out a couple extra years. I’d rather be happy… and have coffee… and cake… etc

      I am not going to have enought retirement savings to make it to 100 anyway 😉

  2. tiff said,

    You like it sweet, eh? Sounds delish.

    And, THANKS!

    • I do TRY to keep blogging… I’ll talk about my knee tomorrow!

  3. Al said,

    Sounds really good, even though I don’t do coffee. Well, I do Mocha does that count?
    And Starbucks iced capuccino.
    and frapacino
    O Heck, I guess I do likke coffee

    • Yeah – my definition of “Coffee” is wide 🙂

  4. Sun said,

    Almond Breeze is def the best of the almond milks on the market!

  5. Deborah said,

    Can’t do anyone’s almond milk. BooHooBooHoo. Still, that sounds luscious (albeit, too sweet for me). My daughter probably would love it.

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