No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Have to Vs. Want to

Posted in Health,MMA by noceleryplease on June 12, 2013

I was thinking yesterday as I counted down the minutes of my workout at the new gym about the difference between doing things that are fun vs. doing things that are just “good for you”.

When I was doing MMA…  Two hours of working out went by in a flash.

It was FUN.

The hour long workout last night?  Spin for 25 mins then weights.

I must have looked at that clock 30 times in that hour.

Was it a great workout?  Absolutely.

Was it, in fact, a better calorie burner AND muscle builder than the Boxing and Jiu Jitsu?  Why yes – yes it was.

It is more convenient to my schedule than the times offered by ANY jiu jitsu gym in Charlotte?  Indeedy-roo.

Is it closer to my house than any jiu jitsu gym in Charlotte? Check.

Is it 50% CHEAPER than the cheapest jiu jitsu / boxing program in Charlotte?  You got it.

Am I FAR FAR less likely to injure myself at the regular gym than in an MMA training program? Yuppers.

Are there infinitely MORE reasons that I should WORK OUT AT THE GYM and NOT IN ANY WAY GO BACK TO THE MMA TRAINING?! Oui, Si, Da, and “yes” in all the other languages.

Am I going to do the “right thing” and not go back to the MMA training? Yes.

I just wish the “Have to” didn’t make me so sad.


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