No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Is it REALLY so Hard?

Posted in Just... Life,Work by noceleryplease on June 13, 2013

Dear office peoples…  yes, it is really lovely and generous of you to:

  • Leave leftover meeting food in the breakroom
  • Bring in a home-made cake
  • Leave cookies for the team
  • Order pizza for everyone
  • Etc. Etc Food-related reward system.


If you are sweet / kind / wonderful enough to bring the food in, then PLEASE… at the end of the day, check the break room and make sure you clean up the mess.  Maybe it did not all get eaten… maybe your kind provision of cake and ice cream left frosting and melted ice cream all over the counter…  maybe there was WAY more cloe slaw then there was leftover meat and now the coleslaw is sitting in a soggy, sad, cabbagey pile on the counter.

I don’t know… whatever.  But your responsibility for the leftovers DOES NOT END at leaving them on the counter.  The day porter is a very nice, but extremely timid lady. She isn’t going to throw ANYTHING away that might “Belong” to someone.

Making her clean up the counters / spills / mess is wrong.

And making the first one in the breakroom in the morning…  ahem… often ME…  clean up the leftovers is NOT the way to engender co-worker happiness for the day!


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