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Signs From The Universe

Posted in Weird Stuff by noceleryplease on June 17, 2013

I am not entirely sure what this says about how my week is going to turn out.

1) I got in my car this morning, started it up and one of my very favorite (although I am always ashamed to admit it) songs was just starting on the radio.  So I cranked up “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and rocked out to some awesome fiddle music as a way to start my work week.

I thought – well this is a good sign – it’s going to be a good week!!

2) I got to work and was walking in to the building.  You know how normally when you walk down any given sidewalk that has grass next to it, there will be a couple of dead worms lying on the walk?  Well on the sidewalk between the parking deck and the building, it was like the freakin’ WORMPOCALYPSE had happened.  Seriously…  HUNDREDS of dead worms.  Some whole, others… either very small worms, or bits and pieces of once whole worms.  I know it’s an odd thing to notice, but there had clearly been some kind of MASS WORM SLAUGHTER over the weekend.  One of the cleaning folks was out there with a broom sweeping the sidewalks, so the worm genocide evidence will soon be gone. (BTW – I confirmed my observations with a co-worker… so I know I wasn’t the only person to notice the GREAT WORM DEATH OF 2013).

I am unclear as to what this second sign might portend for the week.  Maybe nothing, or maybe the worm killing is step one of a massive alien invasion that unbeknownst to us was only being held off by a troop of scrappy, super-intelligent worms who are now all gone and there is no one left to stop the evil nematode invasion.

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  1. Ron said,

    I’m sure if you watch the security tape and turn up the sound really high you will hear, “There can only be one!!!”

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