No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Just Do It! (Easier)

Posted in Exercise,Health,Surgery by noceleryplease on June 27, 2013

Ok… Going back to the gym after work today.


I will also wrap my knee to remind myself to be LOW IMPACT WOMAN!!!

I actually do not really want to go. But I paid for these two months and I figure I should do something.

Plus I need to go visit the YMCA to determine if I want I join there to do Yoga and Water Aerobics. And I can’t do it this weekend.

The SB is considering maybe possibly maybe joining with me… To possibly maybe swim while I do my classes. So we need to find time to visit together. This weekend is an F1 race weekend, so he’s booked up.

In opposite news… While my love is watching the race practice on Saturday, I will be thrifting to find a desk / table for the craft room I am setting up… Then my BFF and I are hitting up the Ichiban for an extravaganza of chimes buffet awesometude.

Haven’t done the Ichiban in FOREVER… The reason for that is that it’s an excessive place an when I go there, I indulge in a ridiculously excessive way.

Sushi buffet?!? Magical unicorn pie!?! Honey ginger chicken?!? Squid salad?!? Fried plantains?!? I DARE YOU to attempt to enter the Ichiban and not leave groaning.

OK, OK, some people can. The SB goes there and just eats until he’s had enough. I don’t grasp this ability myself… Hence my limitations on going there. Still… Looking forward to it!!!


See the wonder of Magical Unicorn Pie!!! (With the sprinkles)


2 Responses to 'Just Do It! (Easier)'

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  1. Ron said,

    OMG!!! With sprinkles?!? OMG!!! Must have pie with sprinkles… must have…

  2. Bob said,

    I’ll go 🙂

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