No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Summer of Carbs

Posted in Fooooooooooood!,Low Carb / Primal Inspired by noceleryplease on September 13, 2013

Dear Summer of Carbs,

We had fun, you and I.  We had cake.  We had ice cream. We had noodles. We had more cake.  And then there was that cake.  And once I had the cake, then I figured, what the hell, let’s have some cake.

So… it is with regret that I must tell you, dear carbs, that with you I am like a junkie with smack.  I cannot handle you in moderation.  You trigger the binges, you do.  One piece of cake is simply not a workable proposition for me.

So, alas, I will be be giving you back up, my delicious little carby morsels.

Beginning October 1.  (Because seriously, I am going to Chicago on 9/24 and I can’t go there without trying the pizza.)

But after that?  It’s back to eggs, cheese, nuts, meat, yogurt…  (with copious low carb veg too).

I was fine with gaining some weight…  some…  but 10 was a few more pounds than I wanted, and the larger sized clothes are not fitting the way they should.

So with the end of summer, comes the end of carb-o-palooza…  I was kinda missing my pork rinds anyway 🙂


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  1. Ron said,

    😦 Goodbye sweet sweet carbs {removes hat and lowers head} {sniffle} {sniffle}

  2. Bob said,

    I’d be careful doing that- depriving yourself of something works in the short run, but usually not in the long run. our brains will eventually make us cave in and fall into old habits. You should try to moderate the carbs a bit.

    • Much like an alcoholic should drink beer in moderation… It doesn’t work for me…

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      • Bob said,

        Yeah, i hear you with the carbs. Are you still able to do cardio exercisr without them? The last time i did that i lost 10 pounds in a month and had a 6 pack, but i started bingeing on carbs and gaining over 15 pounds over a year. Now im just trying moderate amounts without denying myself foods b/c it leads to my ocd and bingeing on all

      • I can totally still work out on low carb! The power if burning fat!

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  3. Al said,

    My diabetes Nutritionist tells me that it’s OK to indulge in some carbs as long as I i
    nclude some protien with it.
    So put some bacon on that cake, and it’s all good.

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