No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Have I mentioned?

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on May 8, 2014

Things have finally settled down around here.

Moving = complete.

Work transition = complete.

Settled in nicely.

Part of the settling has settled directly into my thighs, because there is SOOOOOO much good food in this city.

And seriously, I haven’t even really gotten out of my neighborhood to eat yet.  And my neighborhood is where the LEAST GOOD food is.

Like… ask anyone “where do I get X in midtown” and they are like … “Oh no, for that you need to go to Astoria / Brooklyn / LES / Insert OTHER place here.

And I DO NOT CARE!  Because the “mediocre by NYC standards” food around us is SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANYTHING WE USED TO GET that I simply do not have to venture.

We DID go get dumplings in Chinatown last weekend. (Again, New Yorkers say it’s better in Astoria – but WHATEVER!  BEST DUMPLES I HAVE HAD EVER!!!)

I suppose at some point, this blog might end up not being about food, but seriously, do NOT hold your breath.





IMG_3034[1]As I was looking through the phone, I decided I do not take ENOUGH pictures of my food… I mean… I have eaten LOTS more things that I have no pictures of.  I need to get on the ball with this!


3 Responses to 'Have I mentioned?'

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  1. Sun said,

    Myohmyohmy! I will have to get to NYC at some point in my life!

    • Oh Sun… The bakeries… The cake… The bread!!!!

      On Thursday, May 8, 2014, No Celery Please – NYC Edition! wrote:


  2. Ron said,

    Mmmmm….. You must put together a foodie tour for me and I’ll be there.

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