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New Hobby

Posted in Photography by noceleryplease on June 9, 2013

For a long long long time I have been telling myself that I have no need for a new camera… The camera I have is fine… I don’t have time for learning a new hobby.

So… I finally cracked. All because if that dastardly site,

I see lots of really great deals on that site. Most of them I can look at and realize that while it’s a FABULOUS DEAL, I don’t really need the thing that is dealing.

Today my love of a good deal intersected with the new camera desire I have been resisting for so long…

They had a ridiculous package of a camera body, 4 lenses, tripod, memory, bag, etc for an excellent price.

I could no longer resist.

Plus with my decision to do more traveling, I need to be able to take awesome pictures.

And handily I have a niece who is a wonderful photographer to teach me how to do it!

Yay pictures!!


Costuming… It’s Hard!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Sci Fi / Fantasy / Gaming by noceleryplease on April 7, 2013

I believe I mentioned that I am making my own costumes for Dragon*Con this year.

Of course, by “making”, it’s more along the lines of decorating some prom dresses I found at Goodwill.

But – my word! This is sure giving me an appreciation of what people who actually make their own costumes do.

So far, I’ve applied beads to a LOT of hem, and today beaded an applique.


I could have bought an applique for $9 ($18 for 2)… but instead, I spent 3.5 hours today putting my own beads on a flame pattern.

If I think about my actual hourly rate for “work”… I would have certainly come out cheaper buying it. But… I am committed to my plan.  I AM making my costumes this year – as much as I possibly can, at any rate.

I think another couple of weekends might even see me at a point I could take a picture of it for bloggy purposes 🙂

Drinkin’ and Artin’

Posted in Artsy Craftsy by noceleryplease on March 27, 2013


So…  I was invited to a a birthday party at a place called “Wine and Design”.

The concept… drink wine and paint a pre-designed picture.


My friends brought wine.


I brought myself coffee (I learned my “drinkin” lesson).  But I also tasted the “Chocolate Wine” that the birthday girl brought along.  It was tasty, but nothing I’d drink a lot of.


Here I am with my “blank” canvas…  You can kinda see a wine glass is sketched on it.


We are all ready to paint!!!


I knew looking at the guide picture, there was no way in hell I was going to get that done.

So I decided to just do a modern cubism approach…  made all the curves straight, etc.


But all of us had fun – and everyone ended up with a painting at the end that they could be proud of!

Sing Out Louise!

Posted in Music by noceleryplease on March 25, 2013

There’s a bar here that does Karaoke on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm.

I love this.

Singing is super awesome fun.  I am just a good enough singer for karaoke.  Not really for anything else.  But this way, I get to sing AND get home in time for a “school night” bedtime.

Plus – the bar it happens at is known for their craft beer selection, so the SB, who finds the actual karaoke somewhat painful, at least gets to sample great beers while he is there – win/win!


Goodwill Jewelry Project

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Jewelry by noceleryplease on December 19, 2012

So the necklace and earrings in this shot started their lives as embellishments on a RIDICULOUSLY UGLY wicker purse.

I mean, seriously… a dark brown WICKER purse. With a weird quasi-fake-Native-American bead pattern on the outside.

Needless to say, some snipping of threads, removing of beads, and repurposing of materials has left me with what I think is quite a nifty little set.


Crafty Conversion!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Fiber Art,Goodwill Outfit of the Day by noceleryplease on November 14, 2012

Before… a belt from the goodwill. NOT something I would wear…

After… Choker and Bracelet Sets. One for me, one for the niece.  Something I TOTALLY would wear!

Yay for recycling!

Goodwill Outfit of the Day 10-4-12

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Goodwill Outfit of the Day by noceleryplease on October 4, 2012

Just simple black and grey today… This skirt is from The Limited. I am still holding out hope that one day I will find a jacket that goes with it!! Until then it’s more casual.

Also wearing the jewelry set I made last weekend!


Beads and Laces!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy by noceleryplease on October 1, 2012

I got a TON of stuff done yesterday… Pretty much my whole list, which was nice.

I don’t need to post a picture of the chicken… Or of my balanced checkbook… But I did make some pretty things!

This is a set… The second from the kit I bought. I was particularly proud that I managed to wrap the copper around the lower part of the earrings without hosing that up.


This cuff is made from some leather shoelaces and a few beads that came off a broken belt I got at Goodwill… Turned out nice, I think!


Macramé! Half Twists and Square Knots and Beads, Oh My!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Fiber Art by noceleryplease on September 29, 2012

So after much practicing with crappy practice cords… Last night at the crafting party I went to, I made a choker for my lovely niece Cayla. I will eventually get around to making some slightly more elegant braided works for myself, but she really likes these types of chokers, etc. so I gave it to her, because she’s the best kid in the world and she deserves presents!

Today I bought a nice big tray of wooden beads and some jute cord to make more pretties!

I am really liking this jewelry thing so far! I do really want to learn to make my own beads… And maybe pendants, etc. But starting small! Baby steps!



The SB… Sweet AND Handy!!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy by noceleryplease on September 29, 2012

The SB made me this SUPER DUPER AWESOME necklace rack to hold all the cool necklaces I got from the Goodwill… And the stuff I will be making, of course!

This is just one of the many reasons we call him the sweet boy!!!


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