No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Crafty Conversion!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Fiber Art,Goodwill Outfit of the Day by noceleryplease on November 14, 2012

Before… a belt from the goodwill. NOT something I would wear…

After… Choker and Bracelet Sets. One for me, one for the niece.¬† Something I TOTALLY would wear!

Yay for recycling!


Macram√©! Half Twists and Square Knots and Beads, Oh My!

Posted in Artsy Craftsy,Fiber Art by noceleryplease on September 29, 2012

So after much practicing with crappy practice cords… Last night at the crafting party I went to, I made a choker for my lovely niece Cayla. I will eventually get around to making some slightly more elegant braided works for myself, but she really likes these types of chokers, etc. so I gave it to her, because she’s the best kid in the world and she deserves presents!

Today I bought a nice big tray of wooden beads and some jute cord to make more pretties!

I am really liking this jewelry thing so far! I do really want to learn to make my own beads… And maybe pendants, etc. But starting small! Baby steps!