No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

New Hobby

Posted in Photography by noceleryplease on June 9, 2013

For a long long long time I have been telling myself that I have no need for a new camera… The camera I have is fine… I don’t have time for learning a new hobby.

So… I finally cracked. All because if that dastardly site,

I see lots of really great deals on that site. Most of them I can look at and realize that while it’s a FABULOUS DEAL, I don’t really need the thing that is dealing.

Today my love of a good deal intersected with the new camera desire I have been resisting for so long…

They had a ridiculous package of a camera body, 4 lenses, tripod, memory, bag, etc for an excellent price.

I could no longer resist.

Plus with my decision to do more traveling, I need to be able to take awesome pictures.

And handily I have a niece who is a wonderful photographer to teach me how to do it!

Yay pictures!!