No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Tattoo!! by noceleryplease on September 24, 2012

Friday I got a brand new tattoo!

I do love my tattoos.  This is my 4th.  and while not my last, my last for at least a year or so at this point.

Normally I would not have gotten another one so soon after my last one.

But… I have two life mottos… and only have one of them and knowing the other needed to go on the other side of may back was making me feel unbalanced.  So I went ahead with the new one.

This is the picture that I provided to Travis, my awesome tattoo artist.  As you can see, it was a fairly crappy photoshop job of what I was looking for –  a “postcard” to myself to remind me of my motto:

Bad Photoshopped Mashup

The landscape is a picture the SB took at Big Sur.  The Sunset is representative of the “Hakuna Matata-ness” – you gotta put your behind in the past… let the day go when it is over…  etc.

Travis took that and turned it into this:

Hard to see – tracing paper and has stuff behind it…

Which he applied to my back opposite the “Illigitimum Non Carborundum”

Gotta get it in just the right spot

Then commenced with the tattooing!

Inky Dinky!

Here’s the Outline Done:

Ready for the Color!

Then moved on to the land part:

Land Done… Now for the Sea!

People often ask if getting a tattoo hurts.

Well… yes and no.  I mean, for lots of spots, it’s just like having someone scratch your skin.  No big deal.

A Crossword to help pass the time

Large parts of this tattoo were “non-hurty” – partially because it was pretty near the abdominoplasty scar and the nerves all got cut there and are FAR less sensitive then they used to be. But also because there are just parts of your body that are less sensitive than others.

However, the top left corner – well when he got there – BOY did I remember what getting a tattoo felt like!

That part was owie!

Still – you’ll notice I am not weeping or anything… the pain is still not “OMG I AM IN TERRIBLE PAIN” pain…

And eventually he moved off of that corner and all was well.

Ready to be finished!

Still  -He started at 2pm with the needle – and even though there were breaks, etc… I was sitting there for about 4 hours.

I know from past experience… that at 3.5 hours, I get to the PLEASE BE DONE SOON… PLEASE BE DONE SOON phase.  And this was no different than in the past.


In the end, though, it’s all worth it.  He took my half-assed picture and turned it into a lovely reminder to me that I always need to put my behind in the past!



Of course – with a tattoo – that’s always easier once the healing process has had a couple of days!

Saturday and Sunday it still felt like a sunburn.  that’s how healing tattoos feel – BTW – if you do not have one.  Not a BAD sunburn.  Just a sunburn like… oh, hey… please don’t touch that spot on me.

Today it’s gotten past that point to the “drying out” part – in a couple of days it will peel and then be all healed up…

I’ll snap a pic once it’s healed and post it.