No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Health by noceleryplease on August 20, 2013

Here I go and take my body up to NYC and feed it all kinds of tasty NYC foods… and how am I repaid?  By it letting in some sneaky little virus from the plane and making me sick!!

WTF, Sinuses?  Do you not know I have to go to Dragon Con next week?!?!

I WILL be better by next Thursday.  I WILL!


Punishment for No Crime

Posted in Exercise,Surgery by noceleryplease on July 5, 2013

Why does my knee hurt so bad going up stairs all of a sudden?????

I did NOTHING to cause this… NOTHING!!!

No fair! Wahhhhhhhh!

Gym Fail

Posted in Exercise by noceleryplease on June 28, 2013

Couldn’t bring myself to go.

1) Still shy about the knee

2) Just THINKING about going all the way to the gym just to use machines makes me want to go to sleep.  BORING.

3) Do NOT think that’s gonna stop me from going to the Ichiban tomorrow.  Expect ridiculous pictures… I know I’ve blogged Ichiban before, but I feel like I have to share these things.

Just Do It! (Easier)

Posted in Exercise,Health,Surgery by noceleryplease on June 27, 2013

Ok… Going back to the gym after work today.


I will also wrap my knee to remind myself to be LOW IMPACT WOMAN!!!

I actually do not really want to go. But I paid for these two months and I figure I should do something.

Plus I need to go visit the YMCA to determine if I want I join there to do Yoga and Water Aerobics. And I can’t do it this weekend.

The SB is considering maybe possibly maybe joining with me… To possibly maybe swim while I do my classes. So we need to find time to visit together. This weekend is an F1 race weekend, so he’s booked up.

In opposite news… While my love is watching the race practice on Saturday, I will be thrifting to find a desk / table for the craft room I am setting up… Then my BFF and I are hitting up the Ichiban for an extravaganza of chimes buffet awesometude.

Haven’t done the Ichiban in FOREVER… The reason for that is that it’s an excessive place an when I go there, I indulge in a ridiculously excessive way.

Sushi buffet?!? Magical unicorn pie!?! Honey ginger chicken?!? Squid salad?!? Fried plantains?!? I DARE YOU to attempt to enter the Ichiban and not leave groaning.

OK, OK, some people can. The SB goes there and just eats until he’s had enough. I don’t grasp this ability myself… Hence my limitations on going there. Still… Looking forward to it!!!


See the wonder of Magical Unicorn Pie!!! (With the sprinkles)

Gun Shy

Posted in Exercise,Health,Surgery by noceleryplease on June 26, 2013

So… two weeks after the ill-conceived attendance of the “Body Attack” class… my knee is back to roughly where it was when I went to the class.

A little twingy, but no constant pain.

If I want to get better…  I need to work it out.

But now I am gun-shy of doing anything with it more than my elliptical machine…

Gotta get back on the horse eventually.

It does not help that the horse is BORING and I am NOT MOTIVATED to go lift weights at the gym.

Maybe I need to look into the YMCA / Swimming / Yoga plan sooner rather than later.

And Now for Something Completely The Same…

Posted in Health,Surgery by noceleryplease on June 24, 2013

Because WTF else am I going to talk about besides my focacta knee?

Which is actually doing much better 8 days out from that “Body Combat” class…  Still a little painy…  I CLEARLY had too much impact on the joint that now has a lot less meniscus in it.  Plus strain on the less stable knee muscles.

Either tomorrow or Thursday I will head back to the Gym.  NOT for classes…  just for nice, low impact cardio machines (they have like, THREE different “ellipty-type” things.  Plus weights… nice, non-ridiculous weights on Machines, not free weights.

Baby steps… learning to pace myself!

Time to Face the Facts

Posted in Health,Just... Life by noceleryplease on June 20, 2013

My legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent.

Silly Person

Maybe yoga… or water aerobics with the nice old ladies in their flowery swim dresses and rubber caps.

I Need a Gym Buddy

Posted in Health,Surgery by noceleryplease on June 18, 2013

To keep me motivated to go to the gym and work out?  Um – no.

To work out next to me and slap me around when I choose to do the “High Impact” versions of the exercises?   Um… could be.

Have to Vs. Want to

Posted in Health,MMA by noceleryplease on June 12, 2013

I was thinking yesterday as I counted down the minutes of my workout at the new gym about the difference between doing things that are fun vs. doing things that are just “good for you”.

When I was doing MMA…  Two hours of working out went by in a flash.

It was FUN.

The hour long workout last night?  Spin for 25 mins then weights.

I must have looked at that clock 30 times in that hour.

Was it a great workout?  Absolutely.

Was it, in fact, a better calorie burner AND muscle builder than the Boxing and Jiu Jitsu?  Why yes – yes it was.

It is more convenient to my schedule than the times offered by ANY jiu jitsu gym in Charlotte?  Indeedy-roo.

Is it closer to my house than any jiu jitsu gym in Charlotte? Check.

Is it 50% CHEAPER than the cheapest jiu jitsu / boxing program in Charlotte?  You got it.

Am I FAR FAR less likely to injure myself at the regular gym than in an MMA training program? Yuppers.

Are there infinitely MORE reasons that I should WORK OUT AT THE GYM and NOT IN ANY WAY GO BACK TO THE MMA TRAINING?! Oui, Si, Da, and “yes” in all the other languages.

Am I going to do the “right thing” and not go back to the MMA training? Yes.

I just wish the “Have to” didn’t make me so sad.

Work It!!

Posted in Health by noceleryplease on June 10, 2013

So the knee rehab has started.

I got a dealsaver for two months at Gold’s Gym cheap.

Started Sunday with a strength class and cardio.

The knee did very well.

The main issue I have now that two weeks have gone by is the final couple inches of bend.

I have no soreness at all until I try to do a full bend in the knee… Or kneel… Like Child’s pose in yoga (for those of you who know yoga) is the worst position.

The bending wasn’t great before the injury… I am not entirely sure it’s something that will ever be 100%.

It’s what drove me to the doctor last year… And what his response was “well don’t go like that.”

We shall see… We shall see…

As much as I like the competitive sports… I also need to make sure I have knees that work for the rest of my life.

One day at a time, I suppose. Really, it’s only been 2 weeks since the surgery. 4 to 6 is what I should be expecting for a full recovery. I can’t make any snap decisions based on the state of play today.

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