No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Is it REALLY so Hard?

Posted in Just... Life,Work by noceleryplease on June 13, 2013

Dear office peoples…  yes, it is really lovely and generous of you to:

  • Leave leftover meeting food in the breakroom
  • Bring in a home-made cake
  • Leave cookies for the team
  • Order pizza for everyone
  • Etc. Etc Food-related reward system.


If you are sweet / kind / wonderful enough to bring the food in, then PLEASE… at the end of the day, check the break room and make sure you clean up the mess.  Maybe it did not all get eaten… maybe your kind provision of cake and ice cream left frosting and melted ice cream all over the counter…  maybe there was WAY more cloe slaw then there was leftover meat and now the coleslaw is sitting in a soggy, sad, cabbagey pile on the counter.

I don’t know… whatever.  But your responsibility for the leftovers DOES NOT END at leaving them on the counter.  The day porter is a very nice, but extremely timid lady. She isn’t going to throw ANYTHING away that might “Belong” to someone.

Making her clean up the counters / spills / mess is wrong.

And making the first one in the breakroom in the morning…  ahem… often ME…  clean up the leftovers is NOT the way to engender co-worker happiness for the day!


New Digs!

Posted in Work by noceleryplease on January 24, 2013

So we moved into our new building / offices this week!

My office is essentially the same as the old one, except it’s “backwards” – which actually makes my life much easier because I now have my calendar on my desk to the right – and I can write on it more easily 🙂

View from the right corner…  ( I need to get a plant or a little table or something for that corner.  The typical set up has a chair there, but with my dual monitors, I would not be able to talk to anyone sitting in that chair, so I moved one of the chairs to the side of my desk.)

I sit on that exercise ball… I had them take out the stupid “Aeron” chair – those things are THE WORST!


That blank wall will soon hold a painting my sister did.

View from outside the door.  You can see where I moved the second visitor chair.


Yay for new digs!

I Used to Think Job Interviews Sucked

Posted in Work by noceleryplease on January 17, 2013

Now that I am on the hiring side of this whole interview process, I understand the full magnitude of the terribleness that is the whole hiring process.

You know all those ridiculous questions you are asked? YOUR INTERVIEWER IS FORCED TO ASK THAT CRAP BY HR!!!

Because if you talk to people just like they are people, you end up getting sued when you don’t hire them.

So the whole process just boils down to who does the best at memorizing the best and most politically correct answer to stupid questions that are so obvious…

“What would you do if someone asked you to do something unethical?”

Really? Who is going to answer… Oh, don’t worry, I have no ethics” ?

Sigh. I can’t wait to get this finished.

I understand now why there are policies against nepotism… Because if I had a way to skip all this, I would just hire my friends and train them on how to do the job. At least then I would really know what I am getting.

Good News is Sometimes Not for Sharing…

Posted in Just... Life,Work by noceleryplease on January 12, 2013

So I have really super amazing news!

And I am a little sad… Because there’s only a few people I can actually share it with.

Why? Because people get sad and mad and angry at the good fortune of others. Even if that good fortune is worked for and well deserved!

So I’m just going to blog it. Because my blog friends are awesome and will not make me feel guilty for having awesomeness in my life like certain relatives of mine will.


Woo Hoo! Big fat raise and promotion to me! Worked hard for and well deserved!!!

Welcome to the 6 figure club, me! Woot woot!

Ok… I just wanted to be able to do that happy dance once without feeling bad about it.

Thanks for letting me get that out!!

Games of Game-y Goodness

Posted in Fashion,Sci Fi / Fantasy / Gaming,Work by noceleryplease on November 13, 2012

So as we speak, World of Warcraft is (still) downloading to my laptop.

I’m only trying out the free version…  since I’m still not 100% sold on the idea of these online games.  But I’m going to try it out on my new laptop and see how it goes.

Also this weekend, I got an “intro pack” of Magic:  The Gathering cards.

My sister’s kids are all into it, and I thought I could play with them.

Maybe if I like it, I can branch out with that as well.

I like the role playing stuff…  but in small doses.  I’m lazy, and the learning curve can be steep.


In other news.  You see how I have been dressing for the last FOREVER.

Nice, no?  So today I decide to just go “normal”… pants, sweater.

And I get to work this morning and find out my boss is coming to town and wants to meet with me about the new department I’m going to be heading.

Nice…  Just when I wish I could be looking all impressive, I am wearing a fuzzy scarf.

I should mention, this is totally my hang-up… my boss could not give a hoot about how I dress.  It’s just a huge dose of irony that I decided to dress down and he shows up for the first time in MONTHS.

Damn You, Best Boss In The World!

Posted in Travel,Work by noceleryplease on November 9, 2012

I totally DO have the best boss in the world.

But he does things sometimes…  and because I am ALREADY crazy… it makes me crazy.

We’ve been going through a year long very significant restructuring process in my department.

Several things have happened… my role is changing, etc.

I had JUST (literally, like a few weeks ago) FINALLY put behind me the notion that I could really ever move to NYC.

I had accepted the impossibility.  I had internalized the idea that no matter what my boss might like, the possibility of HR allowing the pay raise needed to move from CLT to NYC would be impossible.

Accepted… moved on…

So yesterday we are having a conversation about a meeting he had just had with the higher ups and some ideas and what not about the structure and how it might change EVEN MORE.

And he tosses out…  “Do you still want to come up here?  Because now would be the time that might be able to happen.”


“DO I WANT TO COME UP THERE?!?!?!?”  Yes!  Yes!  a thousand times yes!

And I’m not faulting him on this.  I know the HE would do anything to get me up there.  But I still think HR would never go for it.  So basically I just have my hopes all “up” again… and they are going to probably peter out into nothing… again… and I’ll have to come to grips with it… Again…

Or maybe it will really happen… A girl can dream 🙂