No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Pictures of Dragon Con!

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Full set of pics here:


IMG_2538 IMG_2523 IMG_2522 IMG_2519 IMG_2516 IMG_2474 IMG_2470 IMG_2449 IMG_2448 IMG_2446 IMG_2444



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The Dragon*Con guest announcements are flying in!  Starting to get excited even though I still have months to go!

Half Ass Photoshopping

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Half Ass Photoshopping

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to this – I was messing around while I ate my breakfast.

Who’s that riding in the Tardis?

Running Out!

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The thing I hate about starting a new entertainment “thing” – whether it be a TV series, book trilogy, set of movies, whatever…  is that eventually you RUN OUT OF IT!

I am already getting pre-sad because I am at the end of season 4 of Dr. Who and I know I only have 3 seasons left to watch!


I know I can watch them again – but there’s nothing like the first time through!

Costuming… It’s Hard!

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I believe I mentioned that I am making my own costumes for Dragon*Con this year.

Of course, by “making”, it’s more along the lines of decorating some prom dresses I found at Goodwill.

But – my word! This is sure giving me an appreciation of what people who actually make their own costumes do.

So far, I’ve applied beads to a LOT of hem, and today beaded an applique.


I could have bought an applique for $9 ($18 for 2)… but instead, I spent 3.5 hours today putting my own beads on a flame pattern.

If I think about my actual hourly rate for “work”… I would have certainly come out cheaper buying it. But… I am committed to my plan.  I AM making my costumes this year – as much as I possibly can, at any rate.

I think another couple of weekends might even see me at a point I could take a picture of it for bloggy purposes 🙂

Games of Game-y Goodness

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So as we speak, World of Warcraft is (still) downloading to my laptop.

I’m only trying out the free version…  since I’m still not 100% sold on the idea of these online games.  But I’m going to try it out on my new laptop and see how it goes.

Also this weekend, I got an “intro pack” of Magic:  The Gathering cards.

My sister’s kids are all into it, and I thought I could play with them.

Maybe if I like it, I can branch out with that as well.

I like the role playing stuff…  but in small doses.  I’m lazy, and the learning curve can be steep.


In other news.  You see how I have been dressing for the last FOREVER.

Nice, no?  So today I decide to just go “normal”… pants, sweater.

And I get to work this morning and find out my boss is coming to town and wants to meet with me about the new department I’m going to be heading.

Nice…  Just when I wish I could be looking all impressive, I am wearing a fuzzy scarf.

I should mention, this is totally my hang-up… my boss could not give a hoot about how I dress.  It’s just a huge dose of irony that I decided to dress down and he shows up for the first time in MONTHS.

What I Have Learned

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Watching all the FaceBooking from Dragon*Con has taught me one thing… I WILL NOT BE MISSING IT NEXT YEAR, DAMNIT!!!!!!

Oh Dragon, My Dragon

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This is the first year in 5 years that I will not be spending Labor Day Weekend at Dragon*Con.

Nor will I be in England, which trip was the reason for cancelling Dragon*Con.

This has been the sucky “year of failed plans” as far as that kind of thing goes.

We were supposed to go to California…  Funding and a major depression episode pretty much derailed that plan.

We were going to spend a weekend in NYC… that got cancelled because of an impending death in the family.

We were supposed to NOT have to go to spend time at the beach house in Florida this year.  We ended up having to do that because of the memorial service.

I was supposed to be at Dragon*Con this weekend, I cancelled those plans because I was offered a free trip to England.

I was supposed to go to England, but that was cancelled due to major house repairs that needed to be done.

SO… kind of in a funk about that right now.  Looks like the highlight of this weekend will probably be chinese food.  Hey – at least it’s exotic.

We are supposed to go camping in September.  We have a trip booked to NYC in October.  So – I am looking forward to seeing how the universe conspires to cancel those 😦

Is it too early to start wishing for 2013 to come around so I can put this year behind me?