No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Ain’t Technology Grand!?

Posted in Technology by noceleryplease on November 12, 2012

OK – that’s not exactly what I was thinking on Saturday morning, as I was struggling to set up my new stuff.

But now?


My niece had a laptop that we got her earlier this year.

Within a couple of weeks of her getting it, she let one of her brothers use it (because she’s nice like that) and he left it sitting on the couch.  The couch is a dangerous place in that house, because the youngest kid is a crazy person and he leaps / jumps / crashes through life like, well… a crazy person.  So…  a couple of weeks into the life of the new laptop, events conspire to have the thing jumped on by a six year old in flight.

Screen = CRACK.

Well – being as how we are not made of money…  she’s been using it with the cracked screen since then.

But… as these things do, it’s gotten worse and worse and finally, just got pretty difficult to “work around” the ever spreading broken part.

so – kid needs new computer.

And, as the cool aunt (and also because she’s the one who’s going to be taking care of me when I am old, and I want her to be happy and rich at that point), I decided a new laptop was in order.

So I started the hunt and eventually found a REALLY great deal on a Lenovo at Best Buy (They still have it!). So good, in fact, I decided to get myself one… so I can stop using my work laptop for things that are personal.

One thing led to another and I decided to ALSO get a printer to replace the one we have sitting in our house that has not printed for YEARS.

The printer is where the struggle began.  It’s wireless.  It requires a “wireless access point”.

Which – my OOOOOOOOLLLLLDDDD router is supposed to be able to do, but, after many hours of struggle, it appears that the attempt to get one thing to talk to another through it fried the poor old dear.

So – BACK to the Best Buy for a new hub…  and once that was home and installed (took about 10 minutes), the printer, laptop, desktop, iPhone, hub, Kindle…   Everyone was happy coexisting on my new wireless household network.


I can print!  I can print FROM MY COUCH!  From my laptop… OR MY PHONE!

And… the major troubles that we have been having with the slow desktop…. which ALL this time, I have been blaming Dell for (sorry Dell!) appear to be related to the old hub…  because the zippiness of the interwebz is now evident on the desktop as well.

All in all?  An excellent technology weekend!