No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Pictures of Dragon Con!

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Full set of pics here:


IMG_2538 IMG_2523 IMG_2522 IMG_2519 IMG_2516 IMG_2474 IMG_2470 IMG_2449 IMG_2448 IMG_2446 IMG_2444



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Jerry Lee Lewis Has Seen Brooklyn

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Brooklyn is NOT New York. Brooklyn I a place much like any other city. There was an arena, there was a mall, there was a park. Sure, there were some cute houses to look at, and lots of restaurants. But it in no way shape or form has ANYTHING on manhattan.

This is why people spend their whole lives in NYC without stepping foot off the island.


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The Dragon*Con guest announcements are flying in!  Starting to get excited even though I still have months to go!


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We recorded this at the Tower of London for the SB.  It’s clear they need a little more instruction at the front end 😉

Things What Have Been Happening

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So I went on a super fun vacation.  It was fun and exhausting.  I am not gonna rehash it all here, since typically these travelogue type things are only interesting to the people who already experienced the trip.

Suffice to say, I saw a lot of things and ate a bunch of stuff.

I highly recommend it as an activity.

One of the things I ate:



One of the things I saw:


Then I got back and had surgery on my knee.  Friday was the day.  That sucked. I HATE anesthesia.  Saturday was kinda bad because I still had to leave the bandages on.  Sunday I got to take them off and take a shower – so that was better.  Today I did a gentle 30 mins on my elliptical.  I anticipate being pretty much back to normal by Friday.

So that was a whole lotta stuff that happened.  But not anything that needs a a big ol’ write up.

Damn You, Best Boss In The World!

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I totally DO have the best boss in the world.

But he does things sometimes…  and because I am ALREADY crazy… it makes me crazy.

We’ve been going through a year long very significant restructuring process in my department.

Several things have happened… my role is changing, etc.

I had JUST (literally, like a few weeks ago) FINALLY put behind me the notion that I could really ever move to NYC.

I had accepted the impossibility.  I had internalized the idea that no matter what my boss might like, the possibility of HR allowing the pay raise needed to move from CLT to NYC would be impossible.

Accepted… moved on…

So yesterday we are having a conversation about a meeting he had just had with the higher ups and some ideas and what not about the structure and how it might change EVEN MORE.

And he tosses out…  “Do you still want to come up here?  Because now would be the time that might be able to happen.”


“DO I WANT TO COME UP THERE?!?!?!?”  Yes!  Yes!  a thousand times yes!

And I’m not faulting him on this.  I know the HE would do anything to get me up there.  But I still think HR would never go for it.  So basically I just have my hopes all “up” again… and they are going to probably peter out into nothing… again… and I’ll have to come to grips with it… Again…

Or maybe it will really happen… A girl can dream 🙂

There is (a little) More to Life Than Food

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So in New York, in addition to walking and eating, I also BOUGHT STUFF!!

These are some adorable little woven bracelets I bought at a store called Tierra. A Spanish store. This tiny place in Soho is the only US store.

The Tigers Eyes are for me… Those are my favorite stone! The other I bought for my niece.

I wanted to get a little something for the nephews. These cabs are all over in all the trinket stores… But I didn’t want to pay $10 in Times Square! So we went to Chinatown… $5 each.


I got these cute hats! I probably overpaid… Because it was in midtown… But at least I got her to knock them down for $13 to $11… And I know this style is $15 at Target.


Street market jewelry! $3 each piece!


Finally, got this scarf in the same street market for $5! A present for my friend who loves Burberry


Yay New York!

New York, New York!

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New York!

We left bright and Early on Friday.  I travel light for trips like this.  No need to pack more than a shirt and undies for each day. 🙂


We landed early and took the shuttle into the city – dropped us at Grand Central Station. Step 1 – snack!  Here is the SB ogling the CHEESE shop.  Oh my goodness – THE CHEESE!  Sadly, we were never in a position to buy 80 pounds of cheese to send home.  And you saw the size of my bag…  no cooler in there.  So fancy cheese was not one of the things we bought.


But we DID find a snack at the Grand Central Market.


Flourless Spinach and Feta souffle for me and Chicken Croquette for the SB.


Next we went on a free walking tour of the NYC Grand Central Neighborhood. It was excellent and if you are ever in NYC on a Friday at 12:30 pm, I highly recommend it!


SB  in the lobby of the Chrysler Building…


Group photo (also in the lobby of the Chrysler Building)!


Someone is getting tired of having his picture taken…  but that’s our awesome tour guide behind the SB.


Bakeries are everywhere in NYC – EVERYWHERE!  This one in Grand Central.  OH THE HUMANITY!  I CAN’T POSSIBLY EAT ALL THAT!


But there is more to NYC food than dessert…  After the tour we got meat on a stick.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeaaaaaaaaat on a stick!


That was just a snack, though – to tide us over to dinner.


Which was particularly fabulous and wonderful and meat-a-rific….


Katz’s Corned Beef!  Worth EVERY PENNY of the $15 per sammich.


And after all that? Cheesecake.  GOD I LOVE NY CHEESECAKE!!!! I don’t care how full I was… cheesecake.  every. night.


Saturday we met our niece Cait for walking around and lunch in Soho.  First we walked the High Line Park, which was a little disappointing… much less exciting than on the Travel Channel.  Then to Chelsea Market for walking around, etc.  Finally back to lunch – Little dive bar – but yummy! SB had a bacon cheeseburger…  Rare!  You can get a rare burger in NY.  I had an omlette.


After lunch we did more walking – kind of a theme for the trip – walk, eat, walk, eat.  Then dinner at a crazy place with a cowboy theme.


Silver spur.  Weird menu names, but the food was good.  SB had eggs benedict and I had a salad with excellent grilled salmon.


(and of course more cheesecake).

Sunday we went for a walking tour of the Madison Square / Flatiron Building area.  Another great FREE tour!


On the way up from the hotel to the tour, I was looking for a snack.  I found a PALEO restaurant!  GRAIN FREE BAKED GOODS!!!  Seriously yummy espresso chocolate chip muffin made with coconut flour.  I keep saying “yum”, but honestly – food in NYC is SOOOOOOO  GOOOOOOOD!


We had lunch with Cait again (and her boyfriend / fiance) at an Irish pub.  I had salad with corned beef.  totally different corned beef than Katz’s, but still EXCELLENT.  Then, more walking… up the island to Times Square – just to get immersed in the crowd a tiny bit.  Then right back out because, damn, I HATE TOURISTS!

That night I had gotten a bit tired of $50 meals, so we went hole-in-the-wall for dinner.  I had Chinese (OF COURSE I HAD CHINESE!).


King Wok!  Very tasty Mongolian Beef! (and, of course, after that, cheesecake!)


On the last night, even the SB got in on the dessert action – with a VERY tasty chocolate mousse.


But I got the last dessert of the trip in on Monday at lunch!  Again – Grand Central Station.  Pumpkin pecan cheesecake with gingersnap crust.  oh… sigh…  yum…  I miss it already.


Thence back home.  And back to the regular routine…  and, sadly, no more cheesecake.

Oh well – next trip!!!

Chicago Mark II

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OK, so I did get out of the hotel for a tiny bit today.

And Chicago (at least the touristy part) is…  well… touristy.

This is my issue, I guess.  When I visit NYC, I do not do the touristy things…  I like to walk where the city dwellers walk and eat where they eat and do what they do.

Here – I had no opportunity to do that.  I got to see plenty of “famous” restaurants…  and fancy designer clothing stores.

But other than that, I feel like I have not really visited CHICAGO…  so I’ll reserve judgement until the day when I can maybe visit and see something besides the miracle mile.


Yesterday I had a cookie.

I mentioned on FaceBook that cookies are a gateway drug.  Damn… for me that is soooo true.

Last night I had eaten a nice healthy dinner of soup and salad.


But then I was run over with food craving… like, not hunger…  I was CLEARLY not hungry.  But a huge drive to EAT MORE!  EAT MORE!

There was a reception still going on with the conference… so I went down and got some baked brie with walnuts, dried apricots, a couple of gnocchi, a bit of some kind of baked pasta dish (mostly I got the meat part, just a couple pieces of pasta), some cauliflower and dip.

It wasn’t the CRAZIEST bender or anything… but it was driven by the cookie… and that’s the main problem.

But the gateway aspect…  sheesh…  this morning I did well – low carb… eggs, bacon, sausage.  Lunch, I did fine… salad, small bits of chicken / roast beef.  TOTALLY did not eat the cheesecake.  But dinner…  I went out to walk and go to a Chinese place to get some nice, low carb veg/meat combo.

But I SERIOUSLY almost went back and got another cookie.  Like… had to give myself a STERN talking to… repeatedly… and with malice.

That’s what carbs and sugar do to me…  I love them soooo much.

I can have a grain free sugar free piece of cake and be fine.  I eat the cake, I love the cake… but I do not feel driven to EAT MORE EAT MORE after I eat it…

Darn you, carby, floury, sugary goodness!

Oh well…


The dog, as reported by the SB, seems to be doing OK.  I did not get a lot of detail, but she is at least eating the food laced with glucosamine, and taking her pain meds.  I really hope the supplements eventually let her get back to a bit of normal.  I’ll see them both tomorrow night.


Finally – the car seems also to be fine now.  She had a cylinder misfire.  Caused by old spark plugs.  So – $250 for new spark plugs.  That’s liveable.  I do not feel like I have to get a new car because of that.  After 8 years, I suppose new spark plugs are due.

OK, now for some work…

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